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15BBLHorizonta Bright Beer Tanks

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Horizontal Bright Beer Tanks

Beer bright tanks are often used for beer maturation or beer conditioning, bright tank is also called serving tanks, storage tanks or clear beer tanks, vertical bright beer tanks; These tanks are used for the storage of the clear beer before being served or packaged. Depending on their application the beer serving tanks can be glycol jacketed or can be single wall in a cold room.
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Horizontal Bright Beer Tank:


Beer Storage;Clarify and carbonate beer

Total capacity

Effective volume:50L-30000L, 1BBL-300BBL

Interior Shell

Full welded SUS304; Thickness:3mm

Exterior Shell

Full welded SUS304; Thickness:2mm

Thermal insulation

Polyurethane, Thickness: 80mm

Glycol Jacket

Dimpled plate on cone and side

Surface Treatment

Surface brushed; Polish treatment

Polish precision

0.4µm without dead corner


PT100,Temperature controlled by PLC


CIP 360 degree spray ball


Dimple plate or glycol cooling jacket around tank.


Front side  manhole


Perfect argon arc welding; Ra <=0.4 μm 

Pressure Control

Automatic control electric connected pressure gauge

Strong Frame

4pcs completely SUS304 legs with braces; 4 sets heavy duty foot pad with up-down and slop adjustable

Tank pressure

Design pressure 0.3MPa; Working pressure 0.2Mpa

Valves and fitting

Matched valves SUS304

Butterfly valves;(Bottom outlet Butterfly valve:DN40) (Racking Butterfly valve: DN32)

Sample valves;

Beer outlet valves;

Drain valves:

Minghao horizontal bright beer tank includes sight tube, carbonation stone port and front access manhole. Stainless steel dimple jackets are utilized on the bright beer tanks to maximize glycol cooling performance, allowing the brewer to maintain low laagering temperatures. The dedicated temperature controller and glycol solenoid valve are included with each bright beer tank. 

• Welding: Adopt The Central System of Argon to make sure the TIG welding with pure argon gas shield.

• Dimpling: Adopting a dimple plate which can increase the cooling area and improve the speed of cooling.

• Polishing: Using large-scale polishing equipment to make sure no dead corner.

1000L Customized Hot Sale Beer Brewing Equipment with Stainless Steel SUS304 Bright Beer Tank


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