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Brewhouse control system

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Brewhouse control system

The Brewhouse control system is an automated system used to manage and monitor the brewing process. Its purpose is to ensure the reliability, stability, and consistency of the brewing process to obtain high-quality brewing products. Here are some key functions of the Brewhouse control system:

Temperature control: The control system monitors and adjusts the temperature during the brewing process. It ensures that the temperatures at different stages are within the appropriate range to promote yeast activity, enzyme activity, and chemical reactions.

Time control: The control system can accurately time different brewing steps, including malt mashing, boiling, and cooling. This ensures that the duration of each step meets the predetermined requirements to achieve the desired brewing effects.

Liquid level control: The control system monitors the liquid levels in the brewing equipment, such as the liquid level of wort or the liquid level during alcohol fermentation. By timely detecting the liquid levels and controlling the inlet and outlet, it ensures the normal operation of the brewing equipment and prevents problems caused by excessively high or low liquid levels.

Flow control: The control system can monitor and adjust the liquid flow rates during the brewing process, such as the flow rate of wort inlet and the flow rate of cooling water after boiling. This ensures that the liquid flow rates in each step are controlled at appropriate levels to ensure the efficiency and consistency of the brewing process.

Data recording and monitoring: The control system can record and monitor key brewing parameters such as temperature, pressure, pH value, etc. These data can be used for analysis and optimization of the brewing process to improve product quality and efficiency.

Alarms and safety protection: The control system can detect abnormal conditions and trigger alarm systems and corresponding safety measures. For example, when the temperature exceeds the safe range or the liquid level is abnormal, the system can issue alerts and take necessary measures to prevent accidents.

In summary, the Brewhouse control system ensures the automation, precision, and safety of the brewing process to achieve consistency and high-quality brewing products.

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