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Stainless steel 2000L home brewhouse beer brewing machine brewery system Beer Equipment

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Four Vessels Brewhouse System

brewhouses are typically applied to commercial industrial breweries witch is much larger than the microbreweries. With the society development, more and more people are interested in craft beer. And nothing brews delicious beer better than Grain beer brewing equipment.
Our brewhouse is the system for beer brewing from the beginning of mashing process stage until the wort is cooled then passed into fermenters. Both decoction mashing and infusion mashing can be done with our equipment.
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Mash Kettle+Lauter Tun + Boiling Kettle + Whirlpool Vessel

Mash kettle

Mixer(frequency control), bottom and shell with jacket

Lauter Tun

With bottome spend grain out door and racking device (frequency control)

Boiling Kettle

Bottom and side with jacket

Whirlpool Vessel

With special customized tangent whirlpool port


Interior: Stainless steel 304, thickness 3.0mm

Exterior: Stainless steel 304, thickness 2.0mm

Heating Type

Steam Heating

Direct Fire Heating

Electric Heating

Available Capacity

50L-30T , 1BBL-100BBL or Customized

Control mode

Semi-automatic/ Full Automatic


• Every weld is blended and finished to achieve a smooth, sanitary finish.

• The brewing platform and integrated stairs or ladder are made of 304 stainless steel and come with adjustable foot pads for platform leveling.

• The hard piping and brewhouse manifold are made of 304 stainless steel and feature butterfly valves, a sight glass, and all the required clamps and gaskets to hook tanks together.

• The steam condensation stacks are made of 304 stainless steel. A sanitary centrifugal pump is included for mash, wort, or hot water transfer.

• The system comes with a fixed speed or various speed agitator and rake for efficient lautering and spend grain removal.

• The multi-pass plate type heat exchanger is highly efficient and comes with a thermometer and an oxygenate aeration stone port (stone not included).

• The control panel is made of stainless steel and features digital control and readout to program and optimize water temperature.

• The mash tun and lauter tun come with a V-Wire false floor that virtually guarantees consistent wort flow.

• Standard thermometers and thermawell adapters are included.

• The system includes VFD controlling for pumps and motors. The touch screen panel and PLC program make for semi-automatic or automatic control with electronic or pneumatic butterfly valves.

Product details

Brewhouse system product detailsBrewhouse system product details-2


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